Tuesday, March 1, 2011

look, here's what you need to understand

Summer sputters to a close, and all the hipsters are back from their south-east Asia contiki tours. The population at Redfern station suddenly quadruples, there's no parking to be found within a ten-block radius of City Rd and the proliferation of green Campos coffee cups littering the sidewalks hits scary levels. Oh yes, folks, you guessed it: the University of Sydney is back open for business. And the start of March semester heralds the inevitable influx of over-dressed, over-styled, fresh-off-the-boat 18 year olds eager to assert their newly-found unique snowflake status with faded florals, short shorts, heavy black boots and equally heavy black eyeliner. It happens every year. It's boring. And it offends me. Thus I decided to blog about it.

So be forewarned: if you wear a playsuit. If your shorts are shorter than your underwear. If you're wobbling down the Eastern Avenue cobblestones in platform wedges. If you're shouldering a Crumpler bag. IF YOU'RE WEARING JEGGINGS. I, along with the rest of the campus, am going to judge you, on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned for the Week 1 addition, coming soon to a browser near you.